Home…. from Home

Welcome to our French house – wild honesysuckle grows at the gate and in the garden so it is Honeysuckle House.

The dream was for a place in the countryside which could be made into a haven where we could make a “home from home” and see the stars in the night sky. We bought in Indre, part of the Centre Region but it is now changed to Val-d-Loire. Yes it is the very south Val de Loire but Val de Loire does sound nice!

The house is simple in furnishing and design. The fittings are often quirky antiques, chosen for our “get away from it all” retreat from business. More on each room to follow.

We wanted a house close enough to drive from the coast and near to an airport so we could visit for weekends. Limoges Airport is 90 minutes away with a choice of either a scenic route or the motorway. The roads are quiet and between the house and Limoges.

Caen is the nearest port and a 4 hour drive. If we use Zeebrugge and the Hull ferry then it is 6 hour drive.