The Region

Although Chassignolles is in the Val de Loire it is in the south of the region and so visiting the Loire Chateau would need an early start. Nearer is the Brenne National Park , Argenton & the Chateauroux Forest. Slightly further afield are Montlucon and Bourges. A day in Paris is possible by SNCF train.

Chateauroux and the Forest

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Chateauroux is very close – a 30 minute drive from the house and there are a couple of routes there. One route goes right through the middle of the forest.

Chateauroux is a bustling place and has a medieval centre.

The Brenne National Park

The countryside of La Brenne Regional Nature Park is wild and is dotted with over two thousand lakes and a paradise for flowers and wildlife, especially migrating birds.

The Chabrieres Forest & Wolf Park

Driving the other way into Creuse is another landscape – the Mounts Gueret.  Here are hiking, mountain-biking and riding trails. This forest has unusual rock formations and  their mysterious shapes have led to stories and legends.

The forest of Chabrières is also home to a unique wolf park, the park “Les loups de Chabrières”. At the wolf park  you can observe packs of wolves living in the vast enclosures.


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Argentom-sur-Creuse is a lovely town with medieval building on the banks of the river. The old bridge over the river is a special site. The Romans called it Argentomagus and there are sites and a museum.

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In its medieval centre are old timber-framed houses. Above is the Castle of the Dukes of Bourbon – square keep, clock tower and gallery. Below the castle cluster medieval squares and side streets and Churches of Our Lady and St. Peter.

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 a beautiful medieval town.

Find the Saint Etienne Cathedral, UNESCO World Heritage site for its unique architecture. It was the capital of France during the time of Charles VII and a bustling commercial centre in the 15th century


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The SNCF goes from Chateauroux to Paris Austerlitz and takes about 2 hours or Argenton taking 2 and a half hours.