Please Note: This page was compiled when the whole property was available as a full holiday let. Now that we live in the small farmhouse and Gite Hirondelle is let out as a Chambre d’hote (B&B). The information is worth browsing but will be changed over the next few weeks. 

 Car Parking

Through the gate is the grassy courtyard where you can park your car/s. You can park in the covered hangar if preferred. We leave our car outside near the large barn doors.

Outside Furniture

We are gradually building up a collection of patio furniture. Lloyd Loom chairs for the Terrace and the new Fieldside Terrace.

Our latest addition is a Hammock which is near the swing on an oak tree in the wooded copse part of the garden.

The furniture is kept in the Gite backroom at the moment but will transfer to the hangar near the gate at some point this summer.


The barbecue is in the old Pig sty next to the house. Usually there is charcoal with it.

The Stove/s

There is a Woodburning Stove in both the House and in the Gite. See below. Kindling and wood is in the barn. Both can be bought at the Super U too.


There is a fridge in the house and a small fridge in the Gite. They should be plugged in on arrival but emptied, unplugged and left clean when leaving.


Cooker controls are straight forward. Lighting the cooker is the most complicated thing and see photo below.


The cooker works by calor gas as no mains at Champs de la Grange. There should be enough gas and there is a spare cylinder in the large barn next to the house.  See below for the gas cylinder under the sink.


This is the bottom of the cooker and the hole is where the gas is lit with a gas safety lighter.

The hole where you light the gas is shown in the photo

We plan to put a microwave in the Gite very soon.

 TV – satellite

The TV is connected to Freesat services via a satellite dish.



Close down Apps working in the background of your phone if you can.

The satellite internet is very expensive and restricted in limits. Please only use it when you absolutely need to.

There is a Three Mifi/Wifi which is not strong but usually has enough strength for mobile phones to be connected to it and receive messages/e mails. This preserves the meagre amount of data from the Europa Sat.


Washing Machine

The washing machine is new. The list of settings is pinned on the wall behind the curtain in the Utility area. It plugs in at the bathroom.

The washing line is between two trees in the wild garden area. There is a path through to the washing line


Bins inside

The bin, the hoover/vacuum cleaner, dustpan and brush and mop/bucket are in the Utility Area.

You will find cleaning products under the sink and in the Utility area.

Fosse Septique aka Septic Tank

Please remember that only the cleaning products in the house can be put down the sink or loo. Bleach would kill the bacteria in the tank. There is a septic tank pipe from the house and the Gite and de-greasers. Both are fine and meet code but essential that we keep them going as long as possible without incident!

Radiators in bedroom/bathroom

There are plug in radiators – infrared in the house and a glass radiator on the bedroom wall. Instructions are in the house. Infrared just plug in and spread warmth.

In the Gite are 2 convector radiators to warm the air for when the stove isn’t being used.

We have found the cost of living, including taxes very reasonable in France. The only utility which has concerned us is the cost of electricity. So please only use the heaters as you need to.


We keep a landline. Best kept for incoming calls and emergencies. The number is 02 54 30 08 33. From England this would be 0033 254300833.

Insect Screens

The main windows in the bedroom have framed insect screens. The doors have net screens. This keeps out insects – we haven’t seen a mosquito but we think we heard one outside once last summer. There are plug in insect killers in each room. I tend to react badly to insect bites and they are there for this reason rather than there being a specific problem.

The Gite…Barn Bedroom

The Gite is a work in progress. A new window has just been fitted last month. The Gite has a sink and fridge.

The water heater is electric and by a switch in the corner of the large room. Please just heat the water and then turn off the heater as it will be expensive to keep it heated continually.

We plan to put a microwave in the Gite in the months ahead.

The Bins:

The bins are emptied at about 6 a.m. on a Monday. The bin and any bin bags need to be out in the lane near to the garage/gate.

We tend to put food in a bag in the dustbin and anything else in a second bin bag kept next to the bin. The bin “lives” in the open hangar near the gate. There are cats about. Mignonette lives next door and can come hunting and getting in the bin.