The Terrace




The terrace is lovely old stone and is south facing. We have planted a border of drought tolerant herbs around the terrace. Russian Sage and Rosemary in gravel. They are already growing up and making a scented border. The gardens needs low maintainance drought tolerant herbs.

Next to the door is a more established flower bed with climbing roses, hyssop, geraniums, gladioli and cat mint.

I can’t decide when I like it best. I’ve enjoyed breakfasting early in the day on a hot August day, before the heat of the sun meant we headed for shade.  I’ve also loved it  on an early May day with rain and sunny intervals. As the terrace is south facing it only takes a few minutes of sun for it to feel warm and humid with the rainwater evaporating in the sunshine. It was a lovely place to have a mindful few minutes before returning to DIY.

What I love most about our place in France is living and eating outside – so the terrace is developing into a place to share meals and meet friends.

There are plans to build a small terraced area outside the Gite opposite the house. That will give a shadier place to eat in the heat of a summer lunchtime….for now it’s a dream.

The terrace is sheltered from the breeze by the wall of the old pig sty. We’ve planted a scented Jasmine to clamber up over this roor. At the moment you can see the old wooden feeding shoot for the animal kept there in days when rural farmers needed to be self sufficient and plan for paltry winter months by raising pigs or ducks. The old pig sty now hourses garden tools and the barbecue.