Our Philosophy….

Simplicity in Living Life

When we bought the house it was to make a quiet place to take breaks and holidays and know it was “our place”.

The furnishings are simple. The style is simple. The way of living is simple. And in complicated modern life that’s what we wanted.


The fixtures and fittings were a delight to find. Local antique shops for the Lloyd loom chairs, the storage baskets and suitases for the linens in the bedroom. The vintage cutlery, the linen pillowcases and sheets. Searching out unused Lancashire cotton sheets on e-bay.

Making it special with Nanna’s weather vane and quirky artwork.

Maison de Chevrefeuille is a work in progress and it is developing into our haven/ place to stay.




The garden is developing and the number of herbs and scented plants is expanding. The joy of planting seeds and returning to find they have grown and not dried up and withered. The area is warm in the summer but is close enough to the hills leading to the Massif Central and Auverne that it rains too.

We planted a small herb garden near the gate and know it will need weeding and recovering when we visit next – but it will be lovely.


So it’s becoming a place to find a simple serenity and venture out to explore a different part of France.