The Wild Garden


A Garden is evolving

This page will stay for sentimental reasons, but the garden has changed dramatically. The design is always based on the Wildness of the orignal garden & the small copse of oak & lime trees at the far end. Go to the page for a “Garden of Tranquility” to see how the garden looks now.

Un foret!

From the house you walk into a garden area with a central bed of roses and lavender and places to sit under the shaded canopy of an oak tree. In the summer the hammock is here.

It is a pleasure to walk out on a summer’s morning and hang the washing on a line between two trees. It is a simple life.

Pathways are mown into the grass which leads back to a field where over the hedge you can sometimes see Phillippe the farmer’s  berrichone cows grazing. Deer can visit and you may hear rustling and it could be a deer.

The garden is wild and has been kept that way. Occasionally there are deer at the far end of the land. There are trees – oak, crab apple, lime trees. If you have a keen eye you will also spot some shrubs like hibiscus as you walk towards the end of the garden. At the end someone has put a little stone feature – Aslan’s table which marks the end of the garden. Our neighour called it “un foret” and we like that. It isn’t a dense wood but it is grass with ;pts of trees to find shade on a hot summers day.

The photos below give you an idea of the garden. Spot the hammock, the miniature stone table and the washing line!