Journaling, Outside

Tranquility….the Scent of Honeysuckle

The Courtyard
View from the garden and “le foret”

Here is the main house with light green shutters and a terrace with roses, lavender and russian sage.

A Terrace for lazy day breakfasts
The house is a “longere”


Maison de Chevrefeuile is our simple “home from home”. A traditional Berry “longere” dating from 1865. Chevrefeuille is a small farmouse and directly  opposite is the “Grange” or Barn which contains a Gite. In effect the Gite is our spare bedroom (Barn Bedroom) and is a “work in progress”.

The property is set around a grassy courtyard and the Barn Bedroon is only a short step from the house.

After much thought we’ve called it Honeysuckle House “maison de chevrefeuille” because the Wild Honeysuckle greets us when we arrive and can also be found in parts of the Wild Garden area.

The house and gite are simply but carefully furnished. The idea was for a home from home retreat.

It’s rural and the village and town are a short drive away. You can see the gentle, wooded hills in the distance. It is a quiet and peaceful place. It’s far from the main road but there are 2 other houses up the lane – so it isn’t isolated. It’s quiet apart from the farm noises (tractor) and lawn mower activity – which varies during the year.

In summer we can put in the insect screens and sleep with the windows open listening to the cicadas (crickets) outside. It feels quite mediterranean then. I was so excited when I realised we had lizards on the terrace. Sometimes there is a firefly. From the bedroom in the house you can see the nightsky and there is no light pollution.

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